Chris Darrow – Max Buda


Chris Darrow and Max Buda (Chester Crill) met in 1966 and recorded a few legendary albums with the group Kaleidoscope, Side Trips (1967), A Beacon From Mars (1968) and the reunion album, When Scopes Collide (1976).


Eventually, both Darrow and Buda would team up and form the Rank Strangers, whose first and only album, released in 1977, received a Grammy nomination.


After going off to do solo projects, they eventually got back together in 1981, and the result was Eye Of The Storm, a brilliant all instrumental album, featuring these two multi-instrumentalist virtuosos doing a variety of genres including Surf Music, Acid Rock, Funk, Caribbean and Hawaiian. Eye Of The Storm is also elevated by its brilliant cover, done by Rick Griffin, one of the leading designers of psychedelic posters and closely identified with his work for the Grateful Dead as well as his work with Zap Comi.


Chris Darrow - Max Buda

Eye Of The Storm